Espai Rö is a team of enthusiast architects. We look up to professional joiners and carpenters whose wooden works transmit the same passion as our works. Espai Rö was established in 2010 to deliver high-quality work done with passion. We are thus entirely committed to every single project, which we execute with the utmost care.

When it comes to architecture, our perspective is strongly linked to the material nature, texture and composition of objects. Our goal to reach simplicity through the use of traditional materials and methods and our own equipment and tools.

Espai Rö works with an exclusive group of professionals. Our width of experience is our support and we face every new project with an enterprising attitude and with no preconceived ideas.

Efrem López Moya,
Barcelona 1977

Efrem was born to a joiner father who passed on his passion to him. He holds a BA in Architecture from the Universitat Internacional, and his degree project led him to start his career with Francisco Mangado in Pamplona, where he established his own architectural office. Since then, he has been working as an independent professional between Cataluña and Navarra.