Espai Rö Gallery is the face of our showroom that is on the lookout for contemporary artists from any corner of the world offering a different and particular perception of art. It started back in 2015 with the opening of the exhibition “The mystery of the third planet”, by Frédéric Deprun. Curated by art consultant Natalia Alexandrova, The Gallery presents all kinds of artistic practices, always committed to finding unique and innovative pieces of art.

Natalia Alexandrova
Moscow, 1986

Born in Russia, Natalia studied in Moscow, where she began to be in contact with her current profession. After graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Moscow State University, she turned to the art industry at one of the galleries of the city.

Based in Barcelona since 2011, she decided to deepen her knowledge on Art History at the University of Barcelona. Now, as head of Espai Rö Gallery, the artistic face of the showroom, Natalia Alexandrova is the curator of the exhibitions, also providing art consultancy services.