“Emotional Landscapes” – Edwige Fouvry

The second exhibition by Espai Rö Gallery, curated by Natalia Alexandrova, is “Emotional Landscapes” of Edwige Fouvry. The French artist presents her work for the first time in our country with a selection of paintings that appeal to her memories, feelings and nature with the intention of connecting with the viewer. Fouvry’s work invites the audience to travel with their imagination through her painting: the sea, the mountain… places already visited that made an impact on her, connecting the author with the viewer.

Fouvry’s work is based on photographs, often taken by herself, or on projections of feelings turned into colours. Her refined technique, result of many years of work and studying, becomes a vehicle carrying the energy and freedom of each one of her creations. She creates with her own technique, which doesn’t follow any specific reference, using what’s at hand at the moment. This exhibition features a series of 13 oil paintings of different sizes, also including big format, as is the case of the painting Rochers et eau 02 (150×200), symbol of the exhibition (image above). There are also four oil drawings of human figures painted in pastel colours on paper in which the figures almost melt in an abstract space, another recurring theme of the artist, that works as the background.