“The Mystery of the Third Planet” – Frédéric Deprun

First exhibition curated by Natalia Alexandrova for Espai Rö Gallery, which also opens the artistic section of our showroom.

“The Mystery of the Third Planet” presents for the first time in our country the works of French artist Frédéric Deprun. His paintings are full of real and imaginary characters, creating in each one of them an illusory, impressive and expressive world. His paintings are of a clearly allegorical nature, which reveal a sort of personal mythology. The artist focuses on accumulated details, thus creating emotional contrasts with themes he’s obsessed with: children, family, miniatures, his relationship with others (strangers).

There is no concept to defend or aesthetic barrier to break or overcome in his painting. It is built through meticulous plastic organisation in opposition to certain recurring themes, used by Deprun in connection with the process of creation: natural landscapes in different forms (the countryside, a pond, the forest) and the artificial light of his studio, thus feeding a polymorphous universe in constant evolution.